SugarWired provides a range of opportunities for advertisers to market to our global audience. Focused predominantly on the highly lucrative blockchain and cryptocurrency, technology and investor demographics, with general readership of over 70% in the ABC socio-economic group, and a broad userbase spanning Millennial’s, GenZ and GenX age ranges. 

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Advertising Formats

  • Banner / Display Ads

    The most common method for digital media advertising, with a range of banner sizes, locations, and flexible pricing on duration and page views.

  • Quizzes & Polls

    Engage your audience with interactive quizzes, polls and responsive games.

  • Advertorial / Explainer Content

    Place your advertorial content on our site, and increase engagement and exposure.

  • Social Push

    Utilise our social media strength to promote your message, products and services.

  • Usage Cases

    Long form articles outlining problems and solutions in the market, with your products and services placed as a suitable solution.

  • Sponsored Content

    Sponsor editorial, opinion or other content which encourages already engaged users to click on your personalised CTA's.

  • Offers

    Send offers directly to subscribed users who have agreed to receive direct offers from third party companies.

  • Guest Posts

    Write a guest post as an expert in your field, with a direct link to your company products, services etc.

Advertising Contact

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