bank of england trashing bitcoin again

Bank of England trashing Bitcoin is part of the Great Reset 2030 agenda.

Fintech Director Tom Mutton continued the narrative of the Bank of England trashing Bitcoin at the Future of Fintech conference on Thursday (16 June 2021), whilst hyping the underlying blockchain technology for the BofE’s own central bank digital currency (CBCD). Of course, The Old Lady of Threadneedle Street wants you to believe that it’s better for a centuries old banking institution should be the only ones who can issue money and have control over your assets, and growing Bitcoin ownership amongst British citizens is only going to hamper their efforts to be a major part of the globalist Great Reset agenda.

Citing energy efficiency and performance as key reasons you shouldn’t be trusting Bitcoin over their (as yet unreleased) CBDC, Mutton is the latest high profile BofE director to come out negative on the king of crypto’s.

As every British person who has followed the news cycle knows, the establishment has gone full ‘Greeny’ recently, and Bitcoin was always going to fall foul of the climate alarmist narrative due to the sheer amount of energy it takes for mining computation. Following soon after Elon Musk trashing Bitcoin mining for the same reasons (some would argue Musk’s comments crashed the Bitcoin price by close to 50% when he made them in May 2021), this is without a doubt going to be one of the key arguments why BTC is bad.

Prime MInister Boris Johnson, as well as a whole host of leaders from the European Union and of course the current US President, have all adopted the Davos forum ‘Great Reset’ agenda, with all of them parroting the strangely dystopian ‘Build Back Better’ message, whilst simultaneously pursuing economic policies which will have the opposite net effect of increasing inflation through constant money printing.

As to the performance issue on the Bitcoin network, whilst it’s certainly true that Bitcoin processing takes a little time to complete, those of us who have waited hours or days for international settlements to be processed by traditional banking institutions via the BIS (bank of international settlements) will simply be able to laugh at the very idea that, certainly when it comes to international finance, Bitcoin is head-and-shoulders above anything the institutions have managed to come up with so far.

Could it be, therefore, that the BofE simply wants to remain, alongside the Federal Reserve, one of the dominant financial institutions on the planet, that gets to unilaterally decide on British monetary policy, whilst ensuring that it continues to print debt-backed Pounds Sterling whenever it feels like it, thus devaluing the currency every time they do? And they are going to use the ‘Climate Change’ agenda to sell it to the public.

Bank of England Trashing Bitcoin is not new

This isn’t a brand new idea. Back in 2020, Mark Carney the former governor, waxed lyrical about how he believed it was time to abandon the ‘laissez fair’ ideologies (he meant those awful people who actually believe in free market economies) and enlist Central Banks to be leaders in the ‘fight against climate change’. And earlier this year, as we reported, the current governor continued the Bank of England trashing bitcoin saga by telling people to be ‘prepared to lose all their money’ if they invested in BTC.

What’s more suspicious is the European Central Bank (ECB) is openly pursuing policies to coerce EU zone banks and private companies to defund what they deem to be ‘dirty’ companies and instead make ‘green’ investments. So it appears that this major central bank believes it has the right to determine which industry (and company) is more ‘dirty’ and which is more ‘clean’. But they don’t provide any details on which climate model it decides to accept as gospel truth.

Project Veritas also recently obtained covert footage of CNN’s technical director Charlie Chester boasting about how the network deliberately and knowingly pushes ‘propaganda’ and particularly about how the next big fear story will be….wait for it….Climate Change.

For those of us who are somewhat fed up with being told what to believe, especially after over a year of having our civil liberties restricted and seeing many small businesses go to the wall as a result of government policies on Covid, it’s not a stretch for some to see the hand of the Big Reset technocrats all over it.

Let’s not forget, the strapline of the Big Reset is ‘you’ll own nothing and be happy’. Well how about, we can all hodl our Bitcoin and be even happier, knowing that nobody can take it away from us if we misbehave?

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