Changing the World of Oil and Gas- LCT360’s revolutionary technology

Imagine a world where you could produce more energy without producing additional Greenhouse Gasses (GHG’s). It sounds too good to be true, but thanks to LCT360’s revolutionary tech, it’s now a reality.  

LCT360 is a GHG reduction technology. From our unique patented process and revolutionary technology, we capture CO2 before the flaring process and convert it into a marketable product which will significantly increase the revenues of all oil companies by billions of dollars. We are committed to reducing the impact of oil and gas production on climate change through an integrated approach to the clean energy transition. We will reduce the curve of GHG emissions while increasing the curve of energy production. The process turns the excess gases into a marketable commodity that benefits the environment as well as the company. This is more efficient than external CO2 capture methods and can be integrated into existing onshore and offshore facilities very easily.   

Oil and gas companies are struggling with climate change, but there is a way to reduce GHG emissions without slowing production. With LCT360’s solution, the carbon footprint is dramatically reduced, and the energy output significantly increased in an environmentally conscious manner. 

Global warming and GHG emissions are two of the most pressing worldwide issues today. This is especially true with the increase in GHG emissions; it is estimated that by 2050, global GHG emissions will double to 60 billion tons annually as stated by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development Policy Brief. This increase in global warming and GHG emissions can be reduced through the installation of a flare recovery system that is designed to eliminate the flaring process. This decrease will be substantial and may lead to the world’s carbon footprint being reduced well ahead of 2050. It may also allow the World Bank’s Global Gas Flaring Reductions Partnership and Zero Routing Flaring by 2030 initiative to be achieved much sooner than anticipated. 

LCT360 GHG reduction technology will offer a solution that is cost effective when considering the substantial revenues of oil & gas companies. The company prides itself on innovation and green-energy solutions. Our technology will bring a novel approach to oil & gas economics, carbon neutrality, and a brighter future for our planet.  

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