Co-hosting with CREMTex- Let us host your new and exciting crypto mining venture

Co-hosting in the wide world of crypto mining has become the most sensible option when considering digging for crypto coins. But what does it really mean? Well, the C in CREMTex stands for this term. Co-hosting at CREMTex is our opportunity given to you allowing you or your company to compete in the race to unlock new blocks on the blockchain and be rewarded with the crypto currency, such as the quite common, Bitcoin. 

But why Co-host with us? As crypto mining has exponentially accelerated in popularity, it is no longer economically feasible to mine independently. What we mean here is that it is certainly not in your best interest to purchase a dozen Applied Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) mining computers at an extremely inflated cost and pay excessive costs of electricity and more than likely blow the circuit breakers when you attempt to put your dozen machines online in your garage or backyard shed. 

The solution: Co-hosting. Let CREMTex host your ASIC machines. Let us house them for you in a safe, reliable, secure environment and stop you from burning down your garage or blowing the breakers in the house upsetting the wife or girlfriend who is trying to make dinner, but the oven keeps turning off…well, your ASICs (Applied Specific Integration Circuit) drew too much power and blew the oven’s main circuit breaker. That was your bad. 

That would not be a position to be in; cold, barely cooked lasagna. Happy wife, happy life, remember, so let us host your machines for you…now you can enjoy a warm meal and not worry about expensive electricity costs, possibly ‘burning down the house’ (great song by the way), or constantly making trips into the garage to the breaker box. 

Let CREMTex provide your machines for you. We take immense pride in representing you and your mining experience with the opportunity to host your machines. We have the Co-hosting option available (C); we have the real estate for your machines (R); we have the most inexpensive and clean energy (E); and we have the mining expertise (M).  

We have CREM in Texas. We are CREMTex. 

Finally, you do not even need to be within proximity to your hosted machines. Why? We provide you with real-time remote access to your hosted ASICs so that you may check on their progress and how much crypto currency that you have mined (while enjoying your warm lasagna) …that’s when you start getting excited. 

Get excited to join CREMTex with our Co-hosting option to see tangible results today…and the next day…and the next. 

Let us host your new venture and bring you unprecedented results. Get excited. Co-host with us. 

-To learn more about CREMTex, please continue to visit us here on SugarWired daily and follow us on social media.

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