edge196 plans to democratise investing

Reimagined VC funding: How one company plans to democratise investing in tech startups forever.

Sugar Land, Texas may not be as famous for its high-powered tech startups as its neighbor, Houston, but it does have a history of solid industrial evolution, and in this small city, there is a plan to democratise investing and turn the area into the new Silicon Valley of Blockchain technology.

Chief amongst those leading the charge is EDGE196, a company seeking to disrupt the traditional venture capital industry, which favours institutional ‘preferred’ investors, with a goal to effectively democratise investing. While technology has developed exponentially in other industries over the last 20-30 years, investing in tech startups has not really evolved with the times. Lack of transparency, accountability and liquidity are three of the main issues plaguing the industry and EDGE196 has a plan to change all that forever.

EDGE196’s journey has been one of sensitivity and responsiveness to regulatory issues, and the company going above and beyond to ensure hyper-compliance with a wide-ranging gamut of international securities laws.

The company’s solution to the inefficient VC industry is to provide two different digital assets, known as EDGE-X and EDGE-Q. These two digital assets have different properties but have the fundamental goal of bringing together investors, startups and service providers into an ecosystem to support the long-term fundamental growth of fledgling tech companies through money, mentoring and market access.

The EDGE-X token acts as a liquidity bridge to allow the transfer of value between the EDGE196 ecosystem participants on the Ethereum network, as well as, a range of other blockchains, and secondary markets. EDGE-X is also used within the EDGE196 ecosystem to render and fulfil services between service providers and startups.

EDGE-Q is a second digital asset that tracks the fundamental performance of the investment portfolio and gains value based on the valuation of the portfolio companies in which EDGE196 invests. Effectively, EDGE-Q represents equity in the EDGE196 company. EDGE-Q sales create the capital needed for new startups to be added to the company’s portfolio, as well as, ensuring long-term financial sustainability, with 15% going directly into the liquidity reserve, which ensures capital is available for investors to exit when they choose.

Democratise investing to ensure sustainability and growth

Founder and CEO Dr. Jay Patel says that blockchain is the right technology to support future generations both retail and institutional investors, as Digital Ledger Technology (DLT) does away with the need to rely on broker managers, extended times for financial reporting, and lack of transparency around both investments and liquidity reserves. Thus, investor confidence is increased through a blockchain-enabled ecosystem with full auditability, liquidity and accountability, whilst startups benefit from a single source of funding, reducing the amount of time they spend pitching and undergoing due-diligence investigations.

It’s certainly true that transparency, and ensuring investors have equal access regardless of their size or status, are the key takeaways from retail market plays in 2021. Throughout the year, millions of smaller investors have been taking on traditional financial institutions in a battle of wills, with some Wall Street practises being called out publicly for their lack of transparency and sometimes alleged market manipulation. DLT and blockchain tech is perfectly placed to weed out bad actors, and enhance security and sustainability in the venture capital industry.

EDGE196 is designed to democratise investing by creating a level-playing field for investors, regardless of how much investment capital they have, and makes the process simpler for both startups to raise much-needed funds quickly. By bolting on world-class mentoring, as well as creating an ecosystem where they can access high-end service providers and vendors who are perfectly placed to take them to the next level, we have effectively reimagined VC funding.

Jay Patel, CEO & Founder of EDGE196

The company has also made its lush Sugar Land offices available through its innovation accelerator, LABS196, Up to 60 companies a month are invited to participate in programs designed to kickstart both seed, and advanced series funding rounds, with direct mentorship, and access to a range of both technological and financial services at zero or reduced cost.

Dr. Patel explains the vision behind EDGE196 is “to identify and nurture cutting-edge companies with Decacorn potential, in all 196 countries of the world… this is where we get our name from, and it’s the ethos behind the non-geographical limitations which technology has allowed businesses to reach”.

The EDGE-X token is being launched via a Genesis Offer at a fixed price, and future token sales, called Momentum Sales will be conducted on a regular basis. With ambitious targets for both the number of, and the level of investment being offered to the wide range of successful businesses which make it through the 3-tier selection process.

This process naturally culminates in investors getting the final say on whether they have what it takes to become a portfolio company. EDGE196 believes this balances investor needs with strong compliance and ensuring that startups get the money, mentorship and market access that they need to reach their true potential.

A growing number of companies are ditching the US coastal cities for more blockchain- and fintech-friendly environments like Sugar Land. The attractive tax regimes enjoyed by corporations in Texas is an added bonus; one that could indeed be a contender as the new Silicon Valley for tech startups. EDGE196 is determined to capitalise on the potential of bringing fresh talent and a new slew of high-growth businesses to the region.

For more information about EDGE196 and the EDGE-X genesis offering, visit the company website here.

EDGE196 details:
Location: Sugar Land, Texas, USA
Website: https://edge196.com
Press Enquiries: press@edge196.com

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