Introducing Transenergy360’s ARCS technology-clean energy captured by the tides

When thinking of the term “clean energy”, it is common to picture a field full of wind turbines, an enormous solar farm, or even a hydroelectric dam. But clean energy is not just limited to what we usually think of, in fact, that clean energy could even be…. created by the ocean? What if we told you this kind of clean energy could be captured and used to power every home, every car, and every factory in the world….and still leave plenty left over for things we haven’t even thought of yet?   

While there’s no shortage of alternative renewable energy sources, one can guarantee a consistent flow of power like natural thermal gradients in the ocean. The oceans of planet Earth have been the source of many things, from food to resources. But now, they’re also a source of power—a new way to generate energy and save our planet from carbon emissions.    

Our Applied Refrigerant & Control System (ARCS) technology uses naturally occurring thermal gradients in the deep oceans to generate electrical power to supplement offshore winds that are interrupted by inherently inconsistent weather patterns. The incorporation of secondary arcs systems makes offshore facilities more dependable and mitigates the need for energy storage for load management.   

Why not utilize the power of the ocean to help save the world? That is what Transenergy360 strives for. The deep ocean is a massive solar cell, and with our ARCS technology, we can harness that power to generate electricity for our communities in an emission-free way. 

Imagine a geothermal power plant yet not on land. Strange right? Wrong. This is exactly what ARCS technology is. But we cannot yet tell you how we can create steam in temperatures that do not exceed the boiling point.    

“Using ARCS technology, I have discovered that it is very economically feasible to produce unlimited 24-7 power simply by using the gradients of the ocean’s waters…I intend to increase the efficiency of wind turbines by implementing this system,” said company founder, Wickrema Singhe. 

Please follow Wickrema Singhe and TransEnerg360 to realize how this is not just theoretically possible, but a physical necessity to move further along the transition to clean energy.    

If we think about saving the earth, why not start with an infinite source of clean energy? 

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