LCT360 LNG: The Liquid Future of Natural Gas

The most economical LNG process

In the past, the process of extracting natural gas from oil wells was a complicated and messy one. Outdated measures and negligence towards sustainability have been prevalent for too long and negatively contributing to the ongoing climate change crisis. Now, with liquified natural gas (LNG) liquid processes of LCT360, the liquid future of natural gas is in sight. 
LNG itself is a clear, odorless liquid that is produced by cooling natural gas to minus 162 degrees Celsius. Though the product looks like water the material takes up a tiny fraction of the volume of natural gas when in its gaseous state. LNG is a byproduct of natural gas that is extracted from oil wells. In the past, it has been difficult to transport this substance due to its low temperature and high-pressure requirements; however, with LCT360’s LNG technology substantial amounts of natural gas from oil wells can be extracted without requiring expensive pipelines or flaring. The result? Reduced emissions and a decrease in the cost of gas. 

LCT360 can innovate and improve current processes to evolve the natural gas industry towards a better future. streamlining the LNG liquid process to be exceedingly economical while increasing revenues, reducing the cost of resources, and transforming the global natural gas extraction methodology. 

LCT360’s efforts lie in the advancement and enhancement of clean energy extractions and the motivations have been established to assist in climate control. LCT360 wants to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and reach carbon net-zero for a sustainable environment. LCT360 strives to reduce their carbon footprint and promote sustainable practices to provide a greener earth for the safety of humanity. 

As inhabitants of the earth, we are responsible for our actions and effects on our environment. Now is the time to transform our livelihood and push our world into a new era of clean energy. 

The future of carbon neutrality is happening now. Are you ready for it? LCT360 is. 

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