Let’s save water, let’s increase electrical efficiency, let’s change power plant economics for the better

Have you noticed how the weather never seems to stay the same for longer than a week? 

The climate of Earth has been changing for centuries, and even though we humans have only had the technology to record these changes for a few decades, we can see that the temperature of the globe is getting warmer. Scientists attribute this increase in temperature to an increase in greenhouse gas emissions. With this increase in emission comes an increase in waste heat that is released into our atmosphere. 

The wellbeing of our planet is at risk, with the number of emissions being let out into our atmosphere. Global warming is set to increase to above 1.5 degrees C and greater. If we want to preserve our environment and advance toward carbon neutrality, we must utilize our current energy processes and streamline them to their fullest potential. 

Thermal power plants are one of the largest contributors to the greenhouse effect, accounting for roughly 40% of global carbon dioxide emissions. Here at Transenergy360, we’re working to change that. With our Saves Water & Energy Recovery System (SWERS) technology, we are finally able to provide a solution that saves water and recovers waste energy in thermal power plants. In order to slow down climate change for the betterment of our world, we must maximize the resources that we have.  

Through the SWERS technology, Transenergy360 can provide a solution that can result in the elimination of water loss within thermal power plants and can recover 15% more energy from a single unit of emission. Our technology is built to be retrofitted into existing power plants, igniting the transition from aggressive energy practices to processes that can preserve the climate of the Earth.  

In a thermal power plant, a condenser accounts for approximately 30% of the heat load, which is wasted in current market models. With SWERS, we can eliminate the use of water for condensing steam and can recover waste heat to generate additional power that was not accessible before. Our intention here is to work smarter, not harder. 

Transenergy360 is committed to promoting sustainability and global preservation through our energy solutions. We have built and laid out the technology to push our world to net-zero emissions, now is the time to implement it. Technology has evolved and changed immensely over the past century, and we have the resources to formulate a better future.  

Humanity must be adamant about preserving our world for future generations to come. 

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