poly network bug bounty announced

$500k Poly Network Bug Bounty program announced after hack

in the wake of the strange Robin Hood hack last week, a Poly Network bug bounty has been announced by the company alongside an upcoming security upgrade.

The company offered a $100,000 reward for each valid Poly Network bug bounty, with a total pool of half a million dollars!

Poly Network Bug Bounty announced by ImmuneFi

The leading blockchain Bug Bounty platform Immunefi tweeted out the following on the morning of August 16th, saying the Poly Network bounty will begin the following day.

Following the $610M hack, the largest crypto heist in history to date, the DeFi cross-chain protocol Poly Network has come under increasing criticism, especially after the attacker returned the stolen funds and highlighted the teams incompetence, and further claiming it would have been an even bigger attack if they had included “shitcoins” in the hack too.

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