Startup accelerators: The secret to success?

It might be a frenzy when you’re just starting out in business. You’re juggling a lot of responsibilities and don’t have time to think about what you’re doing. When you do have some free time, though, taking a step back and looking at the larger picture may be really beneficial. 

Startup accelerators are a fantastic resource for companies looking to grow quickly. They’re essentially a resource-rich support system that can help your company go from zero to one hundred in a short amount of time. Startup accelerators have grown in popularity because they provide low-cost or no-cost investment and coaching from industry professionals to those who qualify. These programs give resources like office space and mentorship from industry professionals who can advise you on how to build your business, develop better products or services, raise sales, locate new clients, and so on. 

What makes an ideal startup accelerator? 

It isn’t always about the amount of money you receive. Sure, that’s good, and it may help you launch your startup. However, the quality of mentorship and assistance you receive from your accelerator is what counts most. 

That is why LABS196 was founded. Our next cohort will be focusing on energy efficiency and clean technology. If you’re looking to revolutionize the energy industry, LAB196 is where you need to be. 

We think that companies require assistance at all stages of their development, from concept to market launch. Our program connects entrepreneurs with industry-experienced mentors, as well as a network of possible investors and other resources. We also give a forum for our entrepreneurs to work with other like-minded people, allowing them to expand their enterprises more quickly than they could on their own. 

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what one of our startups had to say:

“I love LABS196 because it’s like Disneyland for entrepreneurs.” 

Perks for our startups 

We are reviewing hundreds of new ideas to identify ten accelerator participants to join our month-long accelerator starting June 6th, 2022. Of the ten accelerator participants, four will be invited to present for an opportunity to receive one of two $50,000 investments at a minimum. All participants will be able to take advantage of service credits with AWS, HubSpot, and others with a value up to $100,000. Our two existing portfolio companies as well as other industry & academic mentors will be available throughout the program to assist in your development. 


Apply now- LABS196 Energy Accelerator

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