Tapping into Methane Hydrates with TransEnergy360’s REHM Technology

The world’s future is in our oceans.

Transenergy360 is committed to transforming the energy landscape using low-carbon power generation technology. Through our commitment, we are devoted to launching our technologies into the landscape to pave a better future for the energy industry. Can you imagine a future that is not fearful due to the scarcity of energy? Transenergy360 wants to make that imagination a reality.

We are here to make COP26 negotiations, goals, and action items a part of our commitment. Transenergy360’s job is to accelerate the process towards net-zero emissions and envision a future without the worries of climate change. With our innovative Resonance Hydrates Methane (REHM) technology from Transenergy360, we can streamline a self-sustaining process using biofuels and convert them into usable clean energy for the world.

The Earth contains an abundance of untapped energy in the form of methane hydrates within the deep sea, enough to fulfill the high demand for global energy and garner clean energy for a plenitude of years. TransEnergy360’s REHM technology has been developed and constructed to extract this gaseous methane from plenty of ice formations and clathrates (solid hydrates) located worldwide.

There are massive quantities of hydrates in the ocean, and it is our mission to utilize these deposits to provide a surplus of clean energy that can be used globally. REHM Technology will enable hydrates to be produced safely and used as a primary energy source to benefit everyone.

Through this technology, we can transform the developing world by providing this technology to local communities across the globe, allowing them to become self-reliant on energy, potable water, and food. By doing this, we will have an impact on all levels—from the local community all the way up to national implications. As a nation, we can exploit methane from hydrates to replace depleted gas resources while making use of existing energy infrastructure with little to no groundwater impact.

Our world contains an abundance of hidden energy, by tapping into the large-flow quantities of hydrates in our ocean we can push towards carbon neutrality and reduce temperatures that threaten our livelihood. As we are the inhabitants of Earth, it is important to recognize that we are responsible for achieving net-zero emissions. Living sustainably, altering lifestyle habits, and reducing harm to the planet are important measures that need to be taken to ensure a green and sustainable future. With Transenergy360 technology, we can take a large step closer to preserving our planet for current individuals and the numerous generations to come.

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