The Execution of the Transition: When?

Is it possible to both refine oil into its hundred of byproducts and remain climate-friendly regarding Green House Gases (GHGs)?  In the current state of the game, absolutely not.  In fact, claiming that the oil and gas industry can reach carbon net-zero is quite ridiculous.

Until now.

LCT360, which stands for Low Carbon Technology can help reverse my previous answer to the first sentence of this short story. 

This technology has the capability to accelerate the oil and gas industry towards reaching COP26 Carbon Footprint goals in half the anticipated and industry-declared time if the systems are installed.  If we do not implement LCT360 technology, then we are failing as a global community to achieve the goals set in the original Paris Agreement, COP26, statements being made by the United States Department of Energy (DOE), and the many posts that we are all noticing on our LinkedIn profiles.

Question number two: What else can LCT360 technology do for the oil and gas industry?

  1. Improve upstream, midstream, downstream life-cycle CAPEX-OPEX economics
  2. Optimize oil and gas production
  3. Fiscal potentials from flare capture
  4. Increased revenues from oil and gas production projects
  5. New condensate and Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs)
  6. Increase the production flow of oil through the pipeline system
  7. Increase the production flow of gas through the pipeline system
  8. Replaces massive Cryogenic De-Methanizer towers at gas processing plants with a compact unit
  9. Ninety-nine percent NGL recovery using movable, modular, compact, versatile, and scalable ‘column-less system’ as gas processing plants
  10. An additional impact of approximately $10B USD from new land drilled wells
  11. Pipeline system fugitive methane leaks detected and eliminated

Now that you have been properly introduced to LCT360’s technology above, are you aware that the United States ranks number 1 in oil production at 15% globally?  In the year 2020 alone, the United States produced 17 million barrels of oil per day; the state of Texas accounts for 5 million barrels of oil per day.  Now apply the above list of 11 items.  It makes sense to install LCT360 technology from not just a low carbon net-zero perspective, but also from the squeezed ‘point of view’ of oil revenues themselves.

LCT360 asks the reader to ‘Think Big. Plan Big. Execute Big.’, so why are we only accomplishing the first two statements?  There is a buzzword in the oil and gas industry today that is overused; ‘transitioning’.  It is simply being overused as we are not ‘transitioning’ to a low carbon net-zero world and are being bounced around global networks.  We are only ‘Think-ing Big’ and ‘Plan-ing Big’…however, we already have the low carbon technology, big data, artificial intelligence, and the infrastructure to, ‘Execute Big’.

Let us ‘Execute Big’ and hit all targets set by all energy agencies worldwide. 

Support LCT360 and let us actually, ‘transition’.

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