The Next Generation of Unicorns Will Come from Labs196!

We’re building the future of unicorns in the heart of Sugar Land, Texas. If you’re a startup founder, you’ve probably heard of the importance of finding investors. Labs196 is designed to support startups with unicorn potential to get investors ready and launch their projects to the moon.  

We’re looking for innovators who want to disrupt the energy industry. Our next cohort will be featuring the top 10 startups that have already made a splash in the energy sector. If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work, then Labs196 is the place for you.  

How Labs196 will set you up for success 

Quality matters since not all accelerators are made equal. The Labs196 accelerator experience is a program of intensive, speedy, and immersive education designed to accelerate the life cycle of young creative founders by compressing years of learning-by-doing into one month.  

Our program was born to help you develop your startup’s leadership team and hone your business model. Here’s how it works: 

Advanced training- Our goal is to help innovative startups and leadership teams reach their full potential and become the unicorns of tomorrow. We believe the best way to train new leaders and build better teams is by going through a structured, collaborative program. 

We want all our startups to understand how they can use their individual strengths to create an optimal dynamic team, so we provide ongoing training on communication techniques and leadership skills which allows them to develop a solid foundation for future success even after they leave our program. 

 Training in key business skills such as financial planning and marketing strategies.  

 A weekly peer-to-peer session with experts from our network of mentors who can share best practices, advice, and insights. 

 One-on-one coaching sessions where participants learn how to apply their new skills in real-time situations. 

Our 3-M solution- Money, Mentorship & Market access 

We believe that startups have three main needs: funding, mentorship, and market reach. We help you by providing all three in one place.

Money- We invest our own capital in startups that are promising and have potential through their innovative products and services which are scalable across industries and geographies. Of the ten accelerator participants, four will be invited to present for an opportunity to receive one of two $50,000 investments at a minimum.  

Mentorship- We provide access to our pre-selected network of mentors with expertise in law, finance, technology, research, marketing, training, leadership, processes, compliance, and quality systems. 

Market access- We provide assistance with a ready-made marketplace where deals get approved, products and solutions are validated, partnerships are forged, and results are delivered. 

Unique perks 

Startups that join us will benefit from several exclusive benefits from industry-leading vendors to accelerate their success. All participants will be able to take advantage of service credits with AWS, HubSpot, and others with a value up to $100,000. Our two existing portfolio companies as well as other industry & academic mentors will be available throughout the program to assist in your development. 

Enroll now to accelerate your startup- Apply to Labs196 Energy Accelerator | F6S 

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