TransEnergy360 unveils its low-carbon technology aimed at achieving net-zero emissions. 

Press Release 

TransEnergy360 pushes sustainability efforts within the energy sector with the introduction of its energy extraction technology, oceanic geothermal plants, and heat recovery and power efficiency for each power plant sector. 

Sugar Land, Texas. April 28, 2022 – TransEnergy360 with Company Founder Wickrema Singhe, Chief Executive Officer Jay Patel and Project Manager James Sherwood, have created an innovation towards sustainability in the energy sector, announces three technologies to increase efficiency and ignite steps towards carbon neutrality. 

Transforming the Energy Industry 

As the world’s temperature continues to increase at an alarming rate, TransEnergy360 has assembled a group of industry executives to guide the global energy sector toward a low-carbon future. TransEnergy360 intends to alter the energy landscape by deploying low carbon power generating technology through its three streamlined technologies – REHM, ARCS, and SWERS – for the improvement of the energy industry’s future. 

Methane clathrate, also known as methane hydrate, hydro methane, methane ice, fire ice, natural gas hydrate, or gas hydrate, is a solid clathrate chemical in which a considerable quantity of methane is trapped within a water crystal structure, resulting in a solid that resembles ice. 

The Technologies 

Leading TransEnergy360’s devotion towards net-zero carbon emissions is its technologies developed and constructed to yield positive change in the energy industry through transition and implemented innovation into existing infrastructure. 

TransEnergy360 has built these three technologies to allow both organizations and countries around the globe to support the transformation of the energy industry and the world to maintain the global warming temperature under the COP26-proposed 1.5 degrees C. 

  • Resonance Hydrates Methane (REHM) technology uses electromagnetic resonance (EMR) to transfer microwave energy to break methane-water bonds held together by Van der Waal forces to produce methane gas for power generation with a byproduct of fertilizer. 
  • Applied Refrigerant & Control Systems (ARCS) technology to generate electrical power using naturally occurring thermal gradients of deep oceans as a supplement to offshore winds. 
  • Saves Water & Energy Recovery System (SWERS) technology provides the ability to save water and recover waste energy located within thermal power plants. To be retrofitted into existing power plants. 

About TransEnergy360 

We are TransEnergy360, a Texas-based clean energy company offering innovative technologies to support the global energy transition. Our mission is to enable countries around the world to be energy self-reliant by using our proprietary methane hydrate REHM technology, our proprietary oceanic refrigerant ARCS technology, and our proprietary SWERS wasted heat recovery system from thermal power plants. 

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